Final Notice Investigative Services Group


"Let Us Bring Your Enemies To Justice Or Justice To Your Enemies"

Bugsweeping, for Hidden Cameras and Microphones




The Final Notice Investigative Services Group is a consortium of qualified, degreed

investigators/security specialists that provide a wide array of investigative services NATIONWIDE to government agencies, commercial businesses and the general public. Our qualified team of experts specialize in the following areas: 

  1. Investigations – Wrongful death, homicide, arson, kidnapping, auto theft, etc.
  2. Expert forensic interview and interrogation of adults and children. Spanish/French/Russian language interviews available. Polygraph Examinations are expertly coordinated and professionally conducted.
  3. Surveillances- Discreet surveillance, surveillance photography, analysis of fixed surveillance tapes to determine the potential for security breaches.
  4. Missing person / children investigations (This agency has found 100% of the persons we have been hired to find), expert interview/ interrogation of witnesses and victims).  
  5. Our staff of professional surveillance experts will provide photographic, videotaped (Digital) surveillance coverage for Workers Compensation, Labor/Management Relation Matters, Criminal and Civil Court proceedings and divorce/matrimonial matters (extreme cases, i.e. acts of violence, etc., only).  
  6. Our clandestine technical surveillance staff provides immediate covert installation of Closed Circuit Television, pin-hole cameras, consensually-monitoring equipment (body-worn recorders (both video and audio). We also utilize advanced, state of the art, cellemetry in the form of automobile tracking equipment to monitor (real-time) the movement of your, your spouse's or child’s vehicle 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  This electronic monitoring of your vehicle saves thousands in physical surveillance costs and provides an accurate, documented record and addresses of all the locations visited by your vehicle.
  7. Forensic Science court testimony, document examination, handwriting identification, handwriting exemplars, blood spatter evidence analysis, crime scene reenactment, expert-crime scene investigation, Forensic Surveillance and [email protected] $600.00 an hour with a two (2) hour minimum.
  8. Intrusion detection, computer network investigations, Microsoft Certified Solution Developers (MCSD), computer security analysis and enhancement.
  9. (TSCM) – Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug Sweeping)- Looking for hidden cameras and microphones.